Mac Total Security


The Simplest, Safest Way to PROTECT Your Mac
Powerful application for keeping your away from viruses and Adware, locate if you ever lost it, safe browsing etc.

  • Max protection: Against Threats
  • Full Scan: Scans Complete Mac PC
  • Quick Scan: Scans Installed Applications
  • Custom Scan: Scans Selected Locations
  • Drag File to Scan: Drag any File or Folder to Scan
  • Scheduled Scan: Scan on time set by user
  • Live Update: Reminder / Automatic


Mac Total Security is designed to protect Mac against viruses, spyware and all other types of malware. Mac Total Security has the following features:

- Quick Scan

The Simplest, Safest way to PROTECT Your Mac
simple, yet surprisingly powerful application for keeping your away from viruses and Adware, locate if you ever lost it, safe browsing etc.

  • Anti Virus
  • Adware Remover
  • Safe Browser
  • Anti-Theft
  • Device Locate
  • Take Pictures if lost

- 24*7 Free Personalized Customer Support

Using Max Secure Software's Smart Scan technology keep your Mac protected from all types of malware attacks. Removes viruses and spyware without taxing your computer's memory. Prevents malicious application from invading your PC. Best protection against zero-day threat and attacks.

with Device Locator and Safe Browser features allow you to protect your from Viruses and Theft

. This App  is designed to provide complete protection to your Mac from known threats with its fats scan engine and frequent virus definition updates.

Following is the detailed description of Mac Total Security:


Max Total Security  scans your PC and looks for traces of virus and spyware components. Virus definition database is updated frequently with the details of newly found, most prevalent threats reported all over the world. You can scan files in four ways:

Description: Description: Description: Four Scanning Options

1. FULL SCAN Full Scan scans your complete PC including all hard disk drives.

2. QUICK SCAN Quick Scan scans only installed Applications.

3. CUSTOM SCAN Custom Scan scans only the selected locations by the user.

4. DRAG FILE TO SCAN Here You can drag any File or Folder you want to scan.

Related Topics

1. Start and Stop scan

Description: Description: Description: Scan Screen

To Start Scan:
Open the main application window, select the required scan task: Full Scan, Quick Scan, or Custom Scan or drag files or folders in the "Drag file here to scan "  area. Currently running scan tasks are displayed here with Scan start time, File scanned, Elapsed time & Threats found.

To Pause Scan:
User can Pause scanning by clicking on pause button provided on Scan Window,  resume the scan again by clicking on Resume button.

To Stop Scan: Stop scanning by clicking on Stop button.

2. Device Locator: If your Mac PC is stolen, this feature can help you track it. You can also do several things remotely for privacy . You can afford to loose PC but data theft is more important. You can Sound an Alarm on the laptop, take snapshots of the user when he starts using your stolen laptop and get current geo Location. All these features can be enabled and reviewed from the control portal

Description: Description: Description: Scan Screen

Remote Locate
You can view current location of your Mac PC once you have marked the PC as stolen.

Sound an Alarm
If your Mac PC is reported as lost or stolen, remotely you can make it sound a loud Alarm so that everyone around the Mac PC will come to know that this machine is PC and it can also help you find it if it is in the vicinity.

Take Snapshots
You can view current location of your Mac PC once you have marked the PC as stolen. It will start taking pictures of person sitting in front of your Mac and it will help you find it.

Safe Browser
Designed to let you surf Internet in safety, a simple and user friendly browser.

4.   Clean & View List

Description: Description: Description: Clean


If you have kept Auto clean disabled, then you can delete the detected threats using Clean button provided on Scan UI.

Description: Description: Description: View List

View List

View List shows detected threats Name, location & status, user can delete detected threats from here also.

Max Total Security: List


Description of various features such as Recover, Scheduler, Live Update Exclude Recover, Setting, & Support.

Description: Description: Description: Recover


User can recover deleted threats>  go to Recover window, select any or all of the threats & click on Recover, files are restored to their original location.

Description: Description: Description: Scheduler


Scheduler performs Quick Scan as per Schedule set by user. Daily, Weekly, hourly or Minutes schedule settings are available.

Description: Description: Description: Setting


There are five options

a) Automatic Live Update: Get updates automatically if this option is checked.

b) Live Update Reminder: Get updates Reminders if it is checked.

C) Do Not Take Quarantine Backup: Backup of quarantined threats will Not be done if this option is checked

d) Launch App When Mac Start: Launches the Max Total Security app at Start/ Restart of Mac PC.

e) Enable Auto Clean: All detected threats are deleted as soon as they are detected, without user input.

Description: Description: Description: Live Update

Live Update

Update the app manually at any time by clicking on button "Click here to update now".

During an update, the Application modules and Virus definition databases are downloaded from the update server. If the latest version of the databases and application modules are  installed on your PC, the sliding panel in the lower parts of the main application window displays a message that the App is up to date. If the databases and application modules differ from those currently available on the server, only the new updates are downloaded and installed.

Description: Description: Description: Support


User can drop an email to contact us or chat with us from web site.

Description: Description: Description: Exclude Recover


User can exclude any desired file/folder or detected threats so that they are not detected in any further scan.

        a. Exclude file /folder from Scan

        b. Exclude Scanned Threat list

        c. Recover Excluded items

Description: Description: Description: Scan Reports

Scan Reports

Scan reports window shows for each Scan (Full /Quick/ Custom) Task, Status, Scan Time, File Scanned, Threat Found. Clicking on Clear history button removes the selected entry from this window.

Description: Description: Description: Tray


User can do Quick scan, set Scheduler, set Preference and Update from Tray..

Description: Description: Description: Dock


Max Total Security for Mac provides its icon in dock as well. From here user can do several things such as keep in dock, show in finder, show all windows, Open at login, Hide & Quit functions.

Description: Description: Description: social-media

Social Media Icons

Social media icons of Facebook, twitter & Google+ are provided on main UI for easy access.

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The most effective protection against Malware for Mac with Anti-Theft, Adware scanner, Wi-fi scanner, Safe browser and 24x7 Support.

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