How to allow FTP port in Windows Firewall?

Microsoft Windows XP service pack 2 comes with inbuilt Firewall. If Microsoft Windows Firewall is blocking a port that is used by a service or by a program, you can configure the Windows Firewall to create an exception. Windows Firewall may be blocking a program or a service if Programs do not respond to a client's request or you do not get data from server.

To open FTP port 21 you need to change Windows Firewall settings.

  1. Click on Start > Settings > Control Panel > Click on Security center.
  2. At the bottom window (Manage security settings for:) you will see Windows Firewall option.
  3. Click on this option. It will open Windows Firewall dialog box:
  4. Select Exceptions tab > Click on Add Port button.
  5. Add port 21 and 20 as follows:

  6. Save Firewall settings by clicking on OK button.
  7. You are done. Now your Windows XP will allow incoming FTP connection.
  8. Restart your PC.


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