How do I Register Max Secure Anti Virus?

Following are the ways you can register your copy of Max Secure Anti Virus:

  1. Online Registration
  2. Offline Registration

Online Registration
While you are registering the product, please check you are connected to the Internet.

Stape 1: After you install the Max Secure Anti Virus on your PC, to register the software please open the program by clicking on the desktop icon.

Stape 2: When the Product Interface opens you will find the Register Now button on the top right hand side on the main interface.

Click on the "Register Now" button, this will open the Registration window like shown below.

Stape 3: Enter your details - First Name, Last Name, E-Mail Address & click Next.

Stape 4: In the text box "Registration No" enter the registration number received by email or printed on the box after you purchased Max Secure Anti Virus.

Stape 5: Once you have filled the information click on “Activate Now” button to submit the details. After Successful Registration following window will open.

And there will be the message on the main interface of the Max Secure Anti Virus “This is a Registered Copy”.

Offline Registration
For offline registration you need to get the activation code by any one of the following ways:

  1. SMS
  2. Phone
  3. Chat
  4. E-mail
  5. Offline

1. SMS
If you click on SMS Button, it will open window like this.

2. Phone
If you click on Phone Button, it will open window like this.

3. Chat
If you click on Chat Button, it will open window like this. Enter your Name, Email, Phone No. to start chat with our support team member

4. E-mail
If you click on E-mail Button, it will open window like this.

5. Offline
If you click on Offline Button, it will open window like this.


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Customer Speaks

"Max Secure Rocks! Your software destroyed a particularly nasty hijacker program that took over my browser and continuously posted bogus security alerts and pop-ups. Thank you."

Matthew W.

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