How do I scan using Max Secure Anti Virus?

Generally after installing Max Secure Anti Virus, it automatically opens the application. If you wish to open it later, click Start---> Programs---> Max Secure Anti Virus---> Max Secure Anti Virus.

First of all it will open the Tips for how to use Max Secure Anti Virus. To go through the tips, click on 'Next Tip' button. If you are finished or don't want to go through tips, click on Close button. After this, it will prompt you to perform scanning using three options:

  1. Quick Scan
  2. Full Scan
  3. Custom Scan

Before scanning, check for updates are available or not by clicking Live Update button. This will help you to scan with latest threat definition and keep your PC clean from latest threats. And then click on the scan option you want to perform and scanning will start.

Shutdown computer after scan is completed
If you select this option then, Max Secure Anti Virus will automatically shutdown your computer after scan is completed.

Quick Scan option scans the hard drive where the operating system is installed. Suppose you have the operating system installed on the C drive and you have selected the Quick scan then the application will scan only C drive for threats.

Full Scan will scan your complete PC including the operating system, program files as well as your files and documents. If your PC has more than one hard drive on it, you can select which hard drive you would like to scan in the Full Scan option. This is done by checking the appropriate checkbox before the hard drive letter (e.g., C:) in the Full Scan window.

Rootkit: Rootkit Scan is based on generic, heuristics scan. A rootkit is a set of software tools intended to hide running processes, files or system data from the operating system. A rootkit substitutes malicious code in place of legitimate Operating System routines. It does so in a highly stealth-like manner by turning off certain security routines. They are difficult to detect. Rootkits are difficult to clean as they ingranulate deeply within the Registry and system files.

Deep: Deep Scan option does special threat scan through out the drive so that Max Secure Anti Virus catches more special threats entries. It takes more time in first scan but subsequent scan will take less time to scan special threats on the drive.

Custom Scan will scan only the selected locations by the user.

Click on the scan option you want to perform and scanning will start. A list of all the threats that are detected will be shown in the interface while scanning.

If at any time during scanning if you want to pause the scan click on the Pause button present on the main product interface. When you wish to resume paused scan then click on the Resume button. You can stop the scanning by clicking on the Stop button.


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"Max Secure Rocks! Your software destroyed a particularly nasty hijacker program that took over my browser and continuously posted bogus security alerts and pop-ups. Thank you."

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