How to use the System Settings tab in Max Secure Anti Virus?

You can open the Options tab of the Max Secure Anti Virus and find the System Settings tab. There are two sections,
1) Custom Settings
2) Advanced Settings

  1. Custom Settings
    i. Show live monitoring system tray notification:
    Checking this option will notify you with the pop up message whenever Max Secure Anti Virus kills any threat during live monitoring.

    ii. Clean Temp Folder after quarantine:
    After you quarantine the threat detected by Max Secure Anti Virus, it also deletes all the files from the Temp folder. It is recommended to keep this option checked as there are many threat which keep their files and exes in this Temp folder.

    iii. Clean Temporary Internet Files after quarantine:
    This option will let Max Secure Anti Virus clean Temporary Internet files folder after every quarantine. If you uncheck this, Max Secure Anti Virus will ask you before deleting. It is recommended that you leave it on as most of the threat keep their executables in this folder.

    iv. Show tips at startup:
    Checking this option will show you the Tips for how to use Max Secure Anti Virus, at the start whenever you open Max Secure Anti Virus.

    v. Show splash screen:
    Checking this option will show you the splash screen whenever you reboot the PC. This screen will display that your system is protected by Max Secure Anti Virus. If you don’t want to see this splash screen at the start up then you can uncheck this option.

    vi. Automatic Live Update:
    Checking this option will automatically check for the live updates at each start up and download them if they are available. If this option is unchecked you need to do live updates manually by clicking on the Live Update button on the main interface of the product.

    vii. Live Update Reminder:
    Checking this option will show you Live Update reminder only if Automatic Live Update option is OFF. If this option is unchecked, you will not get update reminder.

    viii. Enable Sound Effect:
    Checking this option will play a Sound after completion of scanning and cleaning.

    ix. Enable Logon Screen Logo:
    Checking this option, will enable Logo of Max Secure Anti Virus on Logon Screen, if this option is unchecked then Logon Screen Logo will not appear.
    Please Note : This option is available only for Windows XP.

    x. Proxy Settings:
    Checking this option will automatically check for preconfigured, direct settings then live updates from Proxy setting.

    xi. Scan by Name
    Now you can manually add files for scan. By default we have provided some files to be scan. This option helps you to scan any file that you want to clean. You have to add those file in Scan by Name window through Browse button provided beside the edit box and click on Add button. Then our scanner will scan those file, when you do any type of scan.

  2. Advanced Settings
    i. Generic Keylogger Scan:
    Checking this option will scan your PC for detection of generic keyloggers.
    A keylogger is a program that captures and logs keystrokes on the computer without the user's knowledge and consent. The logged data may be encrypted and is typically sent to a remote attacker.

    ii. Start Scan when Windows Start:
    Checking this option will automatically schedule the Max Secure Anti Virus to start scanning the system every time you restart your computer.

    iii. Clean the Rootkits:
    Checking this option will allow you to clean the rootkits. To enable rootkit clean for one time, select 'One Time Only'. You can also select 'Always' to enable rootkit clean option for every clean.

    iv. Participate in Threat Community:
    Checking this option, user can participate in the Max Secure Threat Research Community. Threat Community program scans your PC once in a day, at low priority in the background, to detect for any new and un-identified threats and sends any suspicious data to Max Secure server for analysis.

    v. Enable Auto Clean:
    Checking this option, all threats detected will clean automatically and threat entries will directly move to the recover window.

    vi. Enable Gmaing Mode:
    Checking this option, will enable the Gaming mode, if this option is unchecked then your PC will not run in Gaming mode.

    vii. Run Native Scanner on restart:
    Checking this option will automatically schedule the Max Secure Anti Virus to start Native scanner every time you restart your computer. Native scanner scan and clean threats from all drives at boot time before Windows is completely loaded. When PC is heavily infected, Native Scanner will help you in detecting and cleaning threats.

    viii. USB Manager
    Scan Removable Devices
    Checking this option will scan removable devices which user attached to the PC.
    Manual : On selecting this option, any time a removable device is attached to the PC, a popup window will open with options - Scan and Cancel. Clicking on Scan would scan the removable devices only.
    Auto : On checking this option, any time a removable device is attached to the PC, Max Secure Anti Virus will start scanning. This will only scan the removable devices.

    Autorun.inf Block:
    The AutoRun function in Windows can launch installers and other programs automatically when you insert a CD or flash drive, but this convenience poses a serious security risk. Every recent version of Windows has features known as AutoPlay and AutoRun. These functions are designed to launch applications automatically from an external device containing the necessary AutoRun information. This is what causes an installer window to pop up when you insert a software disc into your CD or DVD drive, for example, or makes a pop-up menu icon appear in the taskbar tray when you insert a USB flash drive.

    However convenient this might be, unfortunately, AutoRun also opens a huge door for viruses, Trojan horses, and worms. All it takes is a USB flash drive with an autorun.inf file and an executable in its root. Once inserted, a worm launched in this manner can infect every disk partition it finds, jumping from computer to computer as network users connect to an infected drive.

    USB Manager allows you to block autorun automatically so that you have control over when contents of USB drive run on your pc or not.

    Data Theft Protection:
    This is a very useful feature. These days data protection is very important where anyone can connect USB to your pc or company PC and download all the information on the drive and take away. This unauthorized access is now manageable using a password and you decide when you want to write data from your pc to the USB or not.

    Also, you can decide if you are going to let any executable from USB run on your pc and bring viruses and malicious software with it. This feature can totally secure your pc from unwanted programs running on your pc from USB device.

    ix. Firewall :
    Please click here to read more information on Max Secure Firewall


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