These utilities are also added in the product Max Secure Anti Virus and can be accessed from Start>Programs>Max Secure Anti Virus>Tools . These utilities are also available for free below for anyone who does not have our products, to fix various nuisance caused by Malware. These tools are meant to be used by advanced users. Also note the Virus Removal Tools page for the removal of specific viruses.

1. Unhide folders if hidden by Malware

If due to virus/spyware you can not see your data, then use this tool to unhide hidden files/folders.

2. Max Service List

Tool to see services on your pc. If you find any service to be suspicious then you can stop it using this tool and prevent malicious infection.

  • Download the Max Service List tool
  • Execute the downloaded file.
  • Navigate the user interface, it is self explanatory.

3. Max Generic Process Fix

If you start your PC and get this error "Generic host process has encountered error", then run this tool and reboot your PC.

  • Download the Max Generic Host Process
  • Execute the downloaded file.
  • Click on OK button restart PC and it will fix this error.
  • This tool is only for XP SP2 only.

4. Max Executable Error Fix or Max Unhook Exec

If on a virus infected PC you can not run any file, double click will not open any application or can not open open Task Manager.

  • Download the Max Registry Fix
  • Execute the downloaded file.
  • Click on OK button.

5. Clean System Volume Information

Sometimes virus files may reside there and take unnecessary space and are hard to remove. This tool will completely clean that folder and also create a new Restore point for you in case, in future you may have to restore your PC.

6. Fix Live Update Issue

Tool to fix issue if you have Internet and still experiencing live update error, it could be due to Malware have infected your host file or redirecting maxpcsecure.com website to another ip address:

7. Max Registry BackUp

Tool to take backup and restore of your registry for later use in case Malware have infected your registry. This tool is only available from the product and only for XP 32 bit operating system.

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